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From our onsite and advanced online training platforms, to our absolute commitment to help our students advance their career and livelihood, Construction Industry Training Australia ensures the best education journey specific to each students needs.

Construction Industry Training Australia is an Australian owned Registered Training Organisation serving the building and construction sectors across Australia. The business specialises in providing real-world outcomes for every student which gives excellent technical skills, career progression, higher earning potential, and ultimately progress in their working life.

Not every RTO is created equal…

Owners and Trainers from CITA have a vast knowledge and wealth of experience in and around construction and commercial buildings. Working in the construction industry we have learnt to understand how important it is to have quality training and skills. With this in mind, Construction Industry Training Australia is built on 3 key principles:


A student learning and assessment process that ensures every student understands where they are up to and consistently has regular contact with their trainers – you will enjoy the journey.


High quality training platforms using the latest learning systems on both apple and android devices making learning interactive – relevant in today’s world.


To make a difference to someone’s life, they don’t just need to complete a course, they need to have ‘real world’ practical skill they can use immediately – you will grow.

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